Our choices

There used to be a time when our choices were so very limited.  Especially so when you had to choose the type of career that you wished to pursue.

Let us say that about three decades ago you did not have the choices then that you have now.  There appeared to be a set type of career; white collar, blue collar, and not much in between.  Then within these two major categories you had choices or options that seemed to be very limited.

It was not really anyone’s fault.  It was how the world was and we as participants had no choice but to accept it and live with it.

Fast forward to today and things are so very different.  Now there are choices to be considered in fields that never existed over three decades ago.  Never mind this but the fields that exist today could never have been anticipated three decades ago.

What are some of the examples?  Well, how about social media marketing and programming, graphics design, health care assistants, legal researchers.

What I am trying to say is this: many choices for us to consider have opened up in the fields of social media, research, and in the legal, health, and medical fields just to name a few.

Just my two cents for today.

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