Online banking – but what’s happening at RBC?

For the most part I have been more than satisfied with the services that RBC have offered to me as a vision impaired person and on the whole their staff have always taken the time to listen, understand, and react.  In some cases they have even been seen to be proactive and even going way above the call of duty and this is why I have deliberately chosen to keep on making them my number one banking institution.

It does not matter where I am; in Canada, the United States, across the pond in Britain, or even in the Caribbean!  I have always been made to feel protected by the RBC whenever I have had to execute transactions.  However, there is one thing that is really starting to concern me and it is this.

For almost a year now, the RBC’s telephone banking system has been having problems with its automated attendant service.  In short, one is unable to either pay bills or transfer funds and within the last month their automated attendant takes almost a minute to verify one’s client number and secret pin number at the beginning of a call.  Then when you ask to speak to a service rep the automated attendant does not seem to fully understand what you are requesting.

If you try to have the automated attendant process funds transfers or bill payments you are simply told to call back later because there are technical difficulties presently taking place.

I think that almost one year is much more than enough time for this huge glitch to be fixed and I can only encourage RBC to fix it before it starts to see a drop in its customer base.  There are several customers including me who prefer telephone banking to online banking because it is more accessible and usable.

In addition, you can speak to a live person if you run into difficulty and this is a huge relief for me.  Should I say with tongue in cheek “Ah yes!  That’s technology for you?”

Just my two cents for today.

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