I believe that the kids are our future

This is the title to a song that was made very popular by the late Whitney Huston and it is a philosophy that I am extremely passionate about.  Yes!  We need to protect the future of our kids!  We need to hold them close, take care of them, and ensure that when they grow up that in turn, they will have a future to leave to their kids!

We are supposed to set the example for them!  We are supposed to show them right from wrong!  We are supposed to teach them good manners!  We are supposed to shield them from wars, hatred, and racism!  We are supposed to tell them that love, passion, compassion, kindness, and generosity are the building blocks of our world!

Abusing them and bullying them is not the way!  Using them as pawns in adult games is not the way to go!  Using them to obtain political goals and fulfill personal agendas is very wrong!

Each time a young life is snuffed out it only means that a tiny piece of our future has been destroyed and each time we are responsible for injuring or hurting a child it only means that we are doing damage to a bright star!

No child is born bad!  It is we the adult who is responsible for ensuring that they develop good behaviour and good habits.  We are their teachers, their caretakers, and their mentors!

Just my two cents for today.

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