Listen up little girls! Kamala wants you to know!

My words for today are directed to all of our little girls around the world and it does not matter where you live!  It does not matter what colour you are, what race or religion you are, what your ethnic background is , or even who your parents are!

I know that in so many instances and circumstances, our little girls are often deprived of their futures, hopes, dreams, aspirations,  and expectations.  For too often they are told that their place is to play with dolls and doll houses.  to be in the kitchens of their family homes to prepare meals for their family.  To be the little moms to their younger siblings, care givers to their families, dutiful wives, and to play subservient roles in society.

For too long little girls are told that those lofty careers in the legal and medical professions are beyond their reach and that they need to brand themselves as playing second fiddle roles to men.  That they should forget about even trying to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling and be content to live under said ceiling.  However, no more!

Listen up little girls!  Thanks to Vice President elect Kamala Harris!  This ceiling has now been shattered and it was broken into millions of tiny pieces on November 07 2020 when Kamala became Vice President elect of the United States.

No more despair for you my little girls!  Now it’s time for you to refresh your dreams!  Your hopes and expectations!  Your aspirations and your desire to break whatever ceilings you set your sights on!

The world is yours and all you need to do is to go out there and grab it and voila!  It’s all yours for the taking!  No more having to wait your turn!

Kamala has just shown you how to do it in fine style!  Ruth Bader Ginsburg showed you how to make a large hole in it!  So many others have also been showing you how to chip away at it!

Now it’s your turn and you need not worry about age!  From the three year old to the one over 93 years!  You can still play with doll houses, be care givers, and prepare meals for the family but now there is something very exciting for you to consider!  Yes!  Just go out there and continue to shatter the ceiling just as Kamala has done!

Just my two cents for today!

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