Let the work continue

As we continue to navigate through these difficult times, we really need to make it a commitment and priority to ensure that the work must go on.  What am I referring to now?

Yes!  We need to make it a priority to ensure that we adhere to all of the  must do and don’t rules and regulations as set out by all levels of government but at the same time we also need to ensure that we do not forget to help protect the well being of our seniors and the vulnerable.  However, I’d like to add one more item to our list.  This being that we do not forget to keep on working on all outstanding types of customer service related complaints.  Specifically complaints made by persons with a disability against Federally, Provincially, and Municipally regulated companies and organizations.

The last thing we would need would be for respondents to be lulled into a false security whereby they would believe that because of our attention being taken up by the challenges of dealing with the Coronavirus  at the present time, complaints against them would either be placed on the back burner or forgotten all together.

We must not allow potential offenders to get away with any sort of infraction at this time.  We need to be watchful and alert because trust me!  There are going to be those entities that would definitely try to take advantage of the situation.

There are those out there, from corporation to company and from organization to even individual who are going to try and push the envelope if they can and if they believe that there would be any chance of them slipping by without being penalized for infractions on their part.

I would therefore urge agencies such as the Canadian Transportation Agency, the Canadian Human Rights Commission and all other types of Human Rights agencies, the Canadian radio and Television Commission, and all other types of watchdog agencies that have the power to adjudicate complaints to be also very conscientious of these types of potential occurrences.

Present and potential complainants must be strong willed in their resolve.  Companies and organizations and individuals need to commit to do their part and adjudicating agencies need to be even more determined to do whatever it takes to keep on working in the right direction.

Just my two cents for today.

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