Hard lessons for us – it’s time to learn them

It may not be too early for us to start compiling some of the hard lessons that we are being forced to learn; we probably have no choice in this matter and if we have any hope of coming out of the Corona virus storm to live another day then we might as well accept them, learn them, and pass them on.

First off, it may be a better idea to not call this a storm but a gigantic tsunami.

Next, we may be better to look at this giant tsunami as one that many will survived, many will not, and many more will  be touched by such things as personal or economic tragedy.  Finally, we will learn that this so-called tsunami is undoubtedly going to affect the world for generations to come.

So what are some of the more potent lessons that we are continuing to learn?

  • That we need to take more and committed care of our seniors and the more vulnerable. We need to keep uppermost in our mind that our seniors are the ones who have been solely responsible for our well being.  Without their personal, economic and financial support, we would not be here today.
  • That absolutely no one is invincible.  So that when we see videos of college kids partying on beaches and not seeming to care about the well being of others especially their parents, grandparents, and even their neighbours and friends; it only serves to show us that we need to rid our surroundings of selfish folks who need to grow up and realize that it is not just about themselves!  It is about everyone and a sobering example for them to remember is that if the kids who fought to save the world from evil forces during the world wars by giving up their own lives, they would not be here today to enjoy their lives.
  • That it is all about teamwork.  All for one and one for all.  We simply cannot expect to weather this situation unless we all work together.
  • That we need to work on minimizing the fear mongering and replace it with care mongering.  One of the quickest ways to be come anxious and stressed out is for us to allow fear to enter our minds and beings.
  • We need to be more responsible for our actions.  Hoarding goods because we are afraid or because we are simply selfish and greedy only hurts others.  Each time we over buy and hoard we deprive another person of being able to cope with difficult times.

Each time we ask our pharmacist to fill our prescriptions for more than the stipulated amount, we are not just hoarding but we are also depriving others from having their prescriptions filled.

What we can take away from this entire situation is that not even technology alone can save us.  We need to use other variables in addition to technology; this being ourselves, our attitudes, and our commitment to help and respect each other.

Finally, let us not forget that our actions will not just affect us alone; they will affect others.  Our family, friends, neighbours, and oh yes!  Our city and our country and in a tiny way the rest of the world!

Just my two cents for today.

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