Lessons From a Duck

Greetings everyone and I’m Christian Robicheau of the Sterling Creations team and I hope that everyone is enjoying a typical August weekend.
Today I have a very interesting editorial to share with you written by our president Donna J. Jodhan.
It is all about learning from a duck!
Happy weekend everyone.


Lessons from a duck

No, I don’t think that I am crazy; just being a bit reflective and making a suggestion that we can certainly learn from a duck. Let’s take a closer look.

On the whole, ducks are very disciplined and how so? Just see how they shepherd their little ones across a busy highway. They literally stop the oncoming traffic so that they and their little ones can cross in safety. The little ones are all lined up behind them as they cross and under their watchful eye every single duckling crosses in safety.

They make very sure that the traffic is held up and they shout and scream to get the attention of both little ones as well as the traffic.

There is a common understanding between mama duck and her little ones; what they are supposed to do when crossing and no lingering or else she will simply pick up the offending duckling by the neck and give it a stern push towards the other side of the highway.

Take time to notice as mama duck controls her ducklings on a pond. They stay close to her at all times and are very obedient to her commands. They may sometimes stray but she is always there to bring them back to her side and they sure as heck listen to her.

Now if only we can translate the lessons of mama duck to our kids of today?
Just my two cents for today.
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