In Every Journey 2022

Dear readers: As we approach the end of another year, I wanted to drop by and share my thoughts with you and for this year I’d like to use some words of wisdom that were sent to me by a very special lady; Denise Sanders and she did this when I was president of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians.
Here goes:
“In every journey there is meaning.
In every conflict, there is growth.
In every action, there is purpose.
In every moment of doubt,
Remember to believe!”

Very strong words sent to me by a very powerful lady and these are ones that I shall treasure always.

I can honestly say that 2022 was a year for me to treasure and remember. Not only did the world see so many changes but so did I.

Through out all of this I continued to develop and hone my patience, commitment, and dedication. My passion for certain causes may have started to wane somewhat but I can guarantee on a personal level that my commitment to making a better future for our kids is very much in tact and even stronger.

On a personal level, I accomplished some very important milestones:
Traveling to the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Portugal at the end of May where I experienced a very personal encounter with Our Lady.

Then on June 10 a most humbling day when I received the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee award! Made even more precious now that Her Majesty is no longer with us!

Then on July 14 I put the finishing touches to my law degree when I graduated from the U of London England in person.
A day to remember and I’ll never forget that day. The only heart breaker is that my mom was not there to celebrate with me. But a personal shout out from Princess Anne as I walked across the stage highlighted this special day for me.

Finally, my personal journey to Normandy France with Jilla where I did my best to understand the tremendous contributions of those brave young lads and lasses during World War II.

Then I must not forget that this year I was blessed with reconnecting with several of my friends and family that I had not seen in so many years! From Connie with whom I attended University with in Montreal! To Mary, Yvonne, Anne, and Jackie who were my room mates when I studied in England! To Helena and Wil who I had not seen for so many years! And to my Liverpool family; Lorraine, Mark, Carl and Tom and Sally, Joe, and even little Nina! And I got to meet Mark’s family!

I know only too well how lucky I am to call Canada home! Not a perfect home but it is a lot more one than so many unfortunate spots around the world.

I want for nothing; I have an abundance of fresh running water, electricity, food on my table, technology at my tips and so much more. However, I am constantly reminded that our brethren in the Ukraine continue to suffer so much at the hands of Russia; so very sad and unnecessary! I can only pray that God puts some sense in to the Russians and convince them to stop their barbaric behaviour.

Through out this year I continued to see two different sides of people’s behaviours and attitudes. On the one hand where people continued to care, give selflessly, and to share generously. But on the other hand where attitudes displayed complete selfishness, the Me syndrome, and the Me first and the hell with everyone else.

I am truly blessed with wonderful family and friends who continue to walk the walk with me but most of all my precious mom! She is my best friend and sister that I never had.

I wish everyone good health for 2023. May we all continue to fight the good fight! To stay out of the clutches of Covid and Corona, and to remember to keep sharing and giving to the less fortunate!

Just my two cents for today.
Image = Interior of the famous sanctuary of Fatima in Portugal.
Image = Donna and Platinum Jubilee certificate
Image = Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy faces the camera in a suit and tie. Ukraine flag in foreground. World map in background.


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Donna Jodhan is an award winning blind author, advocate, sight loss coach, blogger, podcast commentator, and accessibility specialist.
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