I Walked the Walk

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I walked the walk
By Donna J. Jodhan

As they often say! You never know what it is like until you have walked the walk and this is exactly what I did on July 21 and 22 when my dear friend Jilla and I visited the cemeteries and beaches of Normandy.
At least, I did my best to walk the walk
I fulfilled a dream to do this and finally! I got to walk and stand where so many years ago those brave young lads from Canada, Britain, America, and other allies gave their lives so selflessly for us!
They saved and protected our futures!
They gave their lives, bodies, minds, and their own futures for us!
They were just so young and so innocent! With smiles and laughter as they came ashore!
Several made it to fight while several others more were simply slaughtered at the hands of the enemy!

These were the futures that were so unnecessarily and sadly snuffed out! The ones who left their secure and comfortable homes, their loving and trusting parents, their girlfriends, and family and friends in order to fight for our freedom. They gave it all up in the name of country, freedom, and believing firmly that they needed to do the right thing for everyone and they never asked why!

So many of these young lads probably never attended their first dance, probably never had a chance to go on a date with a young lady or who never even had a chance to graduate from high school or to finish dreaming a dream!

When weeping parents, family and friends came to say goodbye to their loved ones at those over crowded sea ports, many hoped that they would see their sons again but there were so many who knew in their hearts that they would never see them again. Then when so many of these brave young lads lay dying on those beaches so very far from home calling for their moms, they too knew that they would never see them again!

We need to do more than just remember!
We need to use this as examples to be more selfless, committed, dedicated, and to not complaint when things become difficult!
We need to preserve a legacy which we can probably never repay!
In short; we need to be tougher and to think more outside the box! We need to start walking the walk!

I walked the walk! I have come away with a much deeper understanding and I can only say that my heart is overflowing with emotions of overwhelming gratitude, feelings, of immense sadness and my own personal commitment to leave this world a bit more civil and courageous when my time comes!
Thank you Jilla for having walked the walk with me!
Image = Donna below a picture from DDay in Arromanche

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