How Accessible is our Future?

ArriveCAN App promotional display.How accessible is our future?

I guess that one way to look at this question is to respond that it can be accessible as we are able to make it. However, there are several serious considerations on the table, and I will do my best to be quick about it.

When it comes to travel; there is always going to be things that we can do in order to make it more accessible.  This is going to depend on entities willing to make their physical facilities more accessible.  Let us keep in mind that with a rapidly aging population the pressure is going to be on for greater accessibility to take place.

For the financial industry I am going to plead with this industry to please ensure that seniors and persons with disabilities are not left out when it comes to making websites, online facilities, and mobile apps more accessible and to bear in mind that many seniors are not technically comfortable with online systems and using cell phones.  Many persons with disabilities either do not own cell phones nor do they have access to wi-fi nor are they able to receive adequate training.

For those entities that are rapidly changing their services to include the use of apps; the same thought holds as stated above.

For the tele communications industry I can only urge you to make your services more affordable and accessible.

I’ll stop here for now as there is a lot more for me to express.  However, I’ll end my pleas by asking all governmental departments both federally and provincially along with federal and provincial entities to please do something to improve engagement and communication.

Finally, an accessible future will depend heavily on continuing to break down those artificial and attitude barriers.

I humbly submit that this may be the most expeditious way for us to go; the most affective route if I may say so.

Just my two cents for today.

Image = Photo of a close up of tactile metal guide strips embedded into the floor of a train station next to a bright yellow line. A train is pulling up in the distance. People all throughout the background of the photo are preparing to board.

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