Experience of a Pandemic travel

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Experience of a Pandemic travel
By Donna J. Jodhan

I am fully aware that all levels of government are working overtime to ensure that traveling during this continuing Pandemic will be as painless and as comfortable as can be and I applaud all those who are going out of their way to help improve the picture. However, I’d just like to offer a few suggestions to help improve the landscape.

As a blind/vision impaired traveler, I proffer the following points.
I again urge and encourage the Canada Border Services Agency along with Public Health Canada to please step up to the plate and to do something about making the Arrive Can app accessible to persons with disabilities, and to seniors and to anyone else who either does not have access to I devices, are technically shy or disabled or who do not have ready access to the Internet. It is not a strong defence for any agency to say that one can go to the website in order to fulfil the requirements of returning to Canada.

I offer the logic that if one has to engage in a work around such as using the website instead of the Arrive Can app, then it is not accessible. Some may think that this is a solid choice but I respectfully say no
Going to the website also has its set of challenges.

There needs to be a way for airport agents whose first language is not English to be able to receive the appropriate training to enable them to understand when a blind/vision impaired person requires help. This is what I encountered fairly recently when the agent in question not only did not understand my needs as a blind/vision impaired person but did not even take time to read the request on my ticket nor did they take the time to listen to my request and explanation. My mild pleadings went totally unheeded.

Just my two cents for today.
Image = an inside shot of Toronto airport.

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