Do not depend on those agencies

Not too long ago I was treated to a taste of what it is like not to depend on those agencies that are for persons with disabilities.  I will hasten to add here that not all of these agencies behave in the same manner and in addition, it is only understandable when certain agencies choose not to really stand up for their clients and community because of having to protect their territory.

When I say territory I mean that they need to ensure that their fountain of income remains in tact and in order to do this they need to ensure that they do not make statements or say things that would be offensive to their donors and contributors in any way.

Yes, this is what I understand but no; I think that there must be a way for them to be accurate whenever they are called upon to report things that are either a hindrance, a challenge, or downright unacceptable.   The formula of remaining mum or whitewashing the truth has not worked for persons with disabilities and I can only say that if these agencies are really in the business to represent the rights, requirements, and needs of their clients then their formula needs to change.

Maybe it is time for these agencies to test the fabric of the system.  Maybe it is time for them to start walking the walk instead of simply talking the walk.  Maybe it is time for them to take a look in the mirror and realize that if they continue to work with the present formula of not truly representing the needs and interests of our community then nothing is going to change.

They say that perception is often reality but I will leave it up to you to judge for yourself.  Here are my parting questions for consideration:

Do you think that many agencies really go beyond and above the duty of call to represent their clients?

Or do they use their clients as resources to feather their payrolls?

Just my two cents for today.

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