Ask an Author – June 2018 – Use the Summer Sunsets as Your Background

Use the Summer Sunsets as Your Background

I can bet you anything that there are so many of us who fail to capitalize on this particular strategy. I used to use it when I had enough vision to see those beautiful summer sunsets but not to worry! I can still use my imagination to bring back these memories and then go from there!

I do not think that many would disagree that a summer’s sunset is something to ignore and definitely something to behold! Just think about it! You’re sitting outdoors and looking straight ahead! It’s just you and that gorgeous orange sunset! Your mind is clear of everything and now your imagination is just waiting to be kick started!

O yes! Those creative juices are just dying for you to reach out and fill your mind with them! The orange sunset is so very peaceful to behold! So inviting and so close that you can actually reach out and touch it!

You sit there and stare right at it and it stares right back at you! It is just you and that beautiful orange wonder of nature! You start talking to it and then soon you find yourself communicating with it full tilt! Then the rest comes automatically!

Give it a try!

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