Crime in the Caribbean? Most Definitely So!

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Today I am pleased to share our president’s weekly editorial with you and for this week Donna J. Jodhan shares a story about crime in the Caribbean. She tells us that this is not just in North America.
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A street view of the Scotiabank in Ellerslie Park, Trinidad.Crime in the Caribbean?
by Donna J. Jodhan

I normally do not make it a habit of venturing outside of the North American landscape but today I am going to venture overseas and yes to the Caribbean. Could the following type of crime occur here in Canada? It could but hopefully there are enough safeguards in place to prevent such from happening.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine visited the Scotia Bank branch at the Ellerslie Park Plaza to conduct his business. He utilized his private banking privileges at this Scotia Bank branch to withdraw a sizable sum of money in cash which he was hoping to use to pay his workers. You may be asking why did he withdraw cash instead of using another method to pay his workers? A very good question and in response his workers do not have banking accounts so prefer to receive their wages in cash.

After conducting his business my friend exited the branch and walked towards his car. Upon entering his car, he noticed that a white car was attempting to block his path. My friend managed to avoid the block and drove to a gas station but unfortunately this did not help his circumstance. The white car followed him and hemmed him in. 2 men exited the white car and approached. They stuck a gun to his head and demanded that he hand over the “money in the brown bag.”
My friend did as he was told.

Now here come my questions of the day! How did these 2 robbers know that my friend was carrying money? And how did they know that it was in a brown bag as this bag was in my friend’s black carrying bag and clearly out of sight?

I don’t think that anyone would take very long to provide a somewhat logical response. My respectful one is that the banking officer who attended to my friend tipped off her friends and the rest as they say is history. It is difficult to know how long it would take the Police to find and arrest this teller or to at least question her! This is only one of a few crimes of this type that has taken place in recent weeks at this particular branch.

So, is the Caribbean safe from crime? No and crime is growing by leaps and bounds!
Just be careful when next you visit the Caribbean especially the twin Island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Just my two cents for today.
Image = an image of the Scotia Bank Ellerslie Plaza branch in Trinidad.

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