Are we last in line?

This is a question that continues to haunt me and much as I as a naturally positive person at heart would like to say no to this question; unfortunately I am unable to do so.

There are so many things for me to use as evidence.  First, the Canadian government’s pay out to Canadians with disabilities who qualify for a one time pay out of $600 in recognition of the hardships that they have had to endure because of the Covid virus.

There are many who will be very grateful for this but here is the question of the day!  Why is it that we as a community have had to wait for so long?  Why does it appear that we are last in line?  Canadians with disabilities have been some of the most hardest hit by the Covid yet we are last in line to receive any sort of benefits and even at that Parliament had difficulty passing the necessary legislation to make this happen because they chose to make this their hockey puck due to bickering about other matters in the House of Commons.

Then there is this!  During the week of October 05 several organizations including Bell Media made a huge splash when they announced initiatives to give persons of colour greater opportunities to become members of media outlets and to figure more prominently in media activities and in the workplace.

For where I say well done!  It is about time!  How about those with disabilities?  Have we been considered or are we going to have to be last in line to be recognized?  Or once more; have we been forgotten or left out?  Should we not be a part of this equation?

My gentle reminder would be this!  We as persons with disabilities are Human Beings!  We live, breathe, and require the same things as everyone else!  However, we require additional support and services due to no fault of our own!

We are being faced with having to  incur additional expenses and hardships because we need to depend on assistance to fulfill our daily requirements.

We have been one of the hardest hit as a community through out the Covid!

Much of our community struggle financially because we live below the poverty line.  Our employment opportunities are severely limited mainly because of attitude and technological barriers and lack of financial and social program support.

If it appears that we are being placed last in line then here is my burning question of the day!  How should we be expected to be treated at hospitals and other medical facilities if we are there to receive any sort of medical treatment including Covid related matters?

Moreover; should we resign ourselves to the sobering reality that we will probably be last in line to be treated let alone be saved?

Just my two cents for today.

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