Accessibility delayed is accessibility denied

This is something that I constantly am challenged with and it is something I truly believe is the case whenever companies and entities proffer any type of excuse/reason for not doing something.

I am definitely not saying that all reasons/excuses are not legitimate.  No!  However, too often, these so-called reasons/excuses can be categorized as wishy/washy at best.

Whenever a company says that they are unable to make their products, services, or information accessible; it probably means any of the following.  It is not economic for them to do it.  It is not their priority.  The costs outweigh the benefit.   They do not see an opportunity to increase their revenues or customer bases.  Most of all; they are simply too lazy to go out their and use their imaginations and creativity to find solutions to improve accessibility.

What most companies are still failing to realize is that we are facing increasing pressures from a rapidly aging population to increase accessibility or create equal access to products, services, and information.

Too many Governmental agencies are still too hesitant to stand up to industry.  The perception is that they are just paper tigers with plastic teeth!  On the flip side, too many companies continue to use their deep pockets and cheque books to muzzle complainants.  So, accessibility delayed is accessibility denied and we continue to allow and enable this trend to persist.

Just my two cents for today.

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