A time out for Mother Nature – a well deserved break

There is one thing to be said for what is presently going on during these very difficult times and it is this!  For whereas the world is presently facing off against this unexpected pandemic, Mother Nature seems to be having a well deserve break or maybe we should be saying that she is simply taking a well deserved vacation from the rigours of our world.

At the best of times, we have simply failed to be nice to Mother Nature.  We have not taken care of her animals, birds, fishes, plant life, and the overall environment.  We have been reckless, selfish, and extremely uncaring towards Mother Nature and now it is time for her to take a break to repair her health.

Just imagine!  The pollution levels in so many parts of the world is down and you can now even see blue skies over Los Angeles.

The whales are partying in the middle of the ocean for everyone to see and the dolphins are having a ball as they swim to and fro along the coast of British Columbia.

Foxes, deer, and other wild life animals are roaming the neighbourhoods and even the lions could be seen taking naps on the trails.

Some animals have even been able to increase their reproductive systems while others are simply having lots of fun enjoying their unexpected freedom because of our being locked down.

Ah yes!  Mother Nature is having a well deserved time out and hopefully when things return to some semblance of normalcy, we would have learned to be nicer and kinder to Mother Nature.

Just my two cents for today.

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