A letter to Covid-19 – expressing my feelings

A few nights ago as I lay in bed contemplating my self isolation and wondering when I would have that sunshine chance to see my mom and my family again; I decided to write this letter.  As I started to gather my thoughts together, I could hear the sound of a plane flying lazily overhead and this was quickly followed by the mournful sound of the horn of a train as it traveled on its way to another city.

This made me feel even sadder because not was I just longing to see my mom and my family, but I was also thinking of all of those poor helpless seniors in lock down who were unable to see their loved ones and those loved ones who could not even visit their parents and grand parents in long term care homes.

So I decided to write this letter to help me cope.  Here goes!

We have never met and I can only ask God to keep it this way.  Hopefully we’ll never get to know each other and with hard work, luck, and all good things, you will be driven out of our lives much sooner than later.

I decided to write this letter to you but I know for the global killer that you are; you will never read this!  You see, you simply do not care!  You do not discriminate when you grab victims and no one is safe with you around.  No community, no town, no city, no state or province, and no country is safe from you!

From the youngest to the oldest, the poorest to the richest, male or female, and it does not matter the race, ethnic background, or religion; no one is safe with you around!

You will never be prosecuted for the millions of deaths that you have already carried out!  No!  No one will ever be able to put you behind bars for the millions of murders that you have already committed and if we don’t stop you now you will probably continue on your reckless and wayward path!

You do not care that you have already killed such a large number of a generation that selflessly sacrificed their lives to ensure a better future for the rest of the world!  A generation that we will never be able to repay for their heroic actions and deeds and it is because of this that our world is so much poorer today and will be even more so after we have gotten rid of you!

They are the generation that fought in World War II to save us from certain disaster and we will not allow you the opportunity to go down in history as the one who was responsible for robbing us of our future!  No, no!  Make no mistake about that!

We never invited you into our lives!  We never asked you to decide who should die, or who should suffer!  We never asked you to test the fortitude of our front line workers, our health professionals, our kids, our moms, or anyone else.

You may be satisfied to know that you have already destroyed multiple economies and infrastructures around the world but you will not win!  Despite your continuing to leave millions of broken hearts scattered across the world and countless moments of sadness and fear amongst us; we will not allow you to win!

Because thanks to your  recklessness and indiscriminate behaviour, we have learned to be kinder and more generous to each other!  we have learned to be more thoughtful towards each other and we continue to use technology to help us keep in touch with each other.  In short, for whereas you have managed to create chaos and havoc worldwide, you have also managed to give us all a wake up call to pull up our socks and be more responsible and watchful globally.  It is just too unfortunate that it has taken an uninvited interloper such as you to bring us to our senses!  However, it is not too late!

Your days are numbered so be warned!  We will fight you to the bitter end and we will win!  We have the will power, the fortitude, the experience and skills to develop the tools that will destroy you much sooner than later!

Many refer to you as the unseen killer but you know what?  We will find ways to discover you, unmask you, smoke you out, and snuff you out!

So have your final laugh while you can!  We are onto you and we will overcome!  We will never give up and we will never despair!

Just my two cents for today.

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