Ask an Author – October 2022 – Thoughts of Thanksgiving

A cozy kitchen with a small table set for four, surrounded by fall-themed decor.This is a fall strategy that I use every year to help prepare for the upcoming holiday season and with it comes the ability for me to spark my imagination and to stimulate my creative juices.

This entire strategy starts in early October just before the Canadian Thanksgiving Day and stretches into November to culminate with the American Thanksgiving Day.

Try using these thoughts to help you spark and stimulate. The sound of leaves being crunched under foot as you walk along; leaves that have already fallen and that are now quite dry. The smell of wet leaves in your path. The sound of a fresh cool fall breeze whistling through your air and rolling across your face.

Of course, there are many other sounds and smells to help you get in the mood to start writing and expressing yourself. It is one of the best ways to get going. Ah yes! And let us not forget to conjure up the smells of a Thanksgiving meal! Turkey baking in the oven along with either apple or pumpkin pie! The warmth of a kitchen and cutlery clinking at the dining table!

I hope you can use the above to start sparking and stimulating imagination and creative juices!

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