Ask an Author – November 2022 – Anticipation of a Holiday Season

A photo of someone's socked feet propped up on a coffee table in front of a cozy fire in a fireplace.I have used this strategy for many years now and I can tell you that it sure works like a charm.

Indeed, just the thought of an approaching holiday season is enough to clear my mind, set my imagination on its heel, and wake up my creative juices. In short, the MIC approach as I refer to it is enough to combat any dull fall day and to help me build anticipation.

Anything from a purring cat lying on a couch, to the sweet smell of a burning fire, to the taste of a hot drink and even to listening to some early Christmas songs are more than enough to get me going.

You see, I am using all of my senses to stoke my MIC and I can also add several visual cues as well. Just think of this! Store windows filled with lots of enticing offers of toys for the kids. Christmas lights winking in windows along city streets and lots of festive clothes for the upcoming season.

I can go on and on but I think that you get the picture!

So try my strategy for this month!

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