Ask an Author – May 2021 – Walking Along the Trails

A photograph of a walking path in a wooded park. The path has a wrought-iron bench along it and is surrounded by green grass and trees with new leaves.Believe it or not; this strategy is perfect for the merry month of May. It works! It is logical! And I use the month of May every year to help me regenerate my creative batteries.

Nevermind the present Covid chokehold. Here is where your imagination can help you!

So how does this work? It’s quite simple! All you need to do is to find a nice quiet trail out in the woods or forest and go from there.

Choose either an early morning or a late evening. These are the times when the air is the freshest. These are the times when mother nature and her children love to make themselves known to the world.

Think of this! Fragrant flowers tickle your nostrils with their sweet smells. Birds haunt you with their sweet voices. Streams and brooks attract your attention with their gentle flowing water. Trees arrest your interest with their stately beauty!

O yes! Walks along the trails: a perfect way to regenerate your juices and to create new ideas!

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