Ask an Author – May 2020 – Using May Flowers

A woven wicker basket full of lush magenta flowers sits in front of a verdant green background.

There are many who may not believe me when I say that the use of May flowers is a super strategy to help stimulate one’s creative juices or wake up one’s imagination. It is a strategy that I continue to use most affectively and this strategy involves the use of more than sense.

It is a matter of combining the senses of sight and smell to start with. They both work in unison to help stimulate the creative juices and to wake up a sleepy imagination. There is nothing more energizing than to be able to use May flowers as a terrific tonic after a long winter.

It is so refreshing to be able to enjoy and appreciate the vibrant colours of May flowers. Think of it like this! All winter long you were deprived of soft and lovely colours around you except for the dreary colour of dirty white snow. Enter May flowers and here come the bright reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and so many other varieties of shades in between! It can be compared to shocking the mind and imagination into immediate action.

Then those refreshing smells of said May flowers; fragrant, sweet, aromatic, refreshing and o so pleasant to your nostrils. This after having been deprived for the last few months of a long winter where there was not much to smell and enjoy! A wonderful tonic to help wake up the mind and imagination and to kick start the creative juices.

I encourage you to go out there and give this super strategy a chance.

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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