Ask an Author – March 2023 – Waking Up the Nostrils

Cherry tree branches reaching for the blue sky, releasing their delicate pink blossoms into the wind.

I can definitely tell you that for me, the month of March is a very interesting and exciting time and why? Because March signifies the ending of winter and heralds in the beginning of spring!

So many things to think about and I’ll just say that for my nostrils it is one of the best times. It is the time when I use my nostrils to help me wake up my sleepy and drowsy mind. When I command my imagination to start thinking and recharging and when I call upon my creative juices to start sparking and stimulating!

Just think of those trees that are starting to wake up after a long winter and believe it or not they actually give out a fresh fragrance. Not only do they start to get all dressed up for spring but they also start to smell nice and pleasant. We need to give our trees more credit for helping us to leave winter behind and to start welcoming spring!

Please give this strategy a good old try! It sure works for me!

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (award-winning sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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