Ask an Author – March 2022 – Paying Attention to the Soothing Smells

A white woman with short red hair is smelling a large orange flower with her eyes closed.

There is nothing more exhilarating and refreshing when you come across smells that are soothing, gentle, and simply fragrant. A fragrant smell does not necessarily mean that it has to be a sweet scent. No, I would say that its passing grade is when you find it soothing.

I have some suggestions for you to experiment with; those that have enabled me to wake up my imagination and to refresh my creative juices.
Here goes.

The smell of a crackling fire; a smell that soothes, warms the soul, and brings comfort to you on a cool or a bit more than cool day.

The scent of a newly bought leather jacket or a leather chair; fills your soul with excitement and hope for things to come. Expectation is building.

The smell of new clothes just bought; new things around you, imagining how and where you will be wearing your new purchases, and thinking ahead to happier and better days.

The scent of rose, pine, and lavender; fragrances that can easily tickle your nostrils and awaken your other senses into action.

I encourage you to try out these suggestions and I can guarantee that at least one of these will work for you; if not one then all! I have tried them all and they definitely work for me!

Just think of the sound of trees gently blowing in the breeze on an early spring day and I guarantee that this will put you in a very happy frame of mind.

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