Ask an Author – June 2019 – The Smells and Sounds of Summer

A colourful beach ball, three pairs of sandals, and a set of swimming goggles lie in the sand on a sunny beach with water in the background.Don’t write off this strategy too quickly. No, there are so many different ingredients that you can use to help you get rid of those unwanted cob webs that may be presently clogging up your mind, thoughts, and imagination. For now, we are going to concentrate on the smells and sounds of summer.

Summer is definitely the time when those smells and sounds come out to play. It is the time when restaurant patios are crowded, parks and outdoor areas are filled with laughter, shouts, and smells of all kinds of delicious foods cooking, and it is the time when almost all of us open wide our windows and doors to welcome summer.

So why not use this super season to help you get back on track? Just sit back and allow the smells and sounds to take over from here. You would be amazed to discover what can happen when you place yourself in the hands of the sounds and smells of summer.

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