Ask an Author – July 2022 – Paying Attention to the Sea Gulls

A flock of seagulls fills a bright blue sky. Beneath them stands a light-skinned couple.

Now, please do not dismiss the strategy that I am offering for July. No joke! This strategy continues to be an important part of my tool kit. Especially so in the summer and I strongly encourage you to give it some attention.

Here is how I use it. I pay close attention to these often disliked birds. To their sounds, to their looks when I had enough sight to see them, and to where they travel and what they like to do.

How does this help to spark my imagination and kick start my creative juices?

I use this strategy whenever I sit down to write fiction or to try and imagine how they use their own strategies to live their lives and to survive and in this case I often write blogs and editorials using their mechanisms to formulate ideas and suggestions.

It is absolutely amazing how one can simply take a bit of time to study any of Mother Nature’s creatures, birds, or dwellers of the sea to create and develop compositions.

How about trying to find a link between sea gulls and water falls? Give this a try.

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