Ask an Author – July 2021 – When the Sea Calls

A photo of the boundless sea at daytime, with no land anywhere on the horizon but a few clouds in the sky.

Never mind the present Covid choke hold: Here is where your imagination can help you!

I will readily admit that this is probably one of my most effective and regular strategies in times of need. That is, whenever my creative juices have either dried up or my imagination has hit a lazy spot.

I can use this strategy any time and it does not matter the time of year. On a hot summer’s day. On a cool day in the fall. In the dead of winter and even during springtime.

I can call upon this strategy to help me and I do so by sitting in a quiet place and allowing my mind to wonder to the sea! Ah yes! The sea! So refreshing! So sweet and peaceful! Where nature is allowed to be herself! Fishes, birds, sand, sun, sky, and nothing but the sea and its surf to surround me!

I strongly encourage you to try this strategy some time!
I guarantee that your senses of smell, sight, and hearing will definitely be galvanized into action!

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