Ask an Author – February 2023 – Comforting Strategies

 A photo of a fuzzy orange tabby cat, fast asleep in a big fluffy white cat bed, with his face visible and one paw draped lazily over the edge.I am happy to share with you some strategies that I have dubbed as comforting strategies. I can reassure you that these types of strategies work most affectively on a cold winter’s day and the month of February sure has many cold winter days.

I have continued to use comforting strategies throughout the years as an author and on a winter’s day they really help to wake up my mind, kick-start my imagination, and most of all they enable my creative juices to come alive! Here are some types of comforting strategies for you to consider:

  • A warm crackling fire sharpens the senses of feeling, hearing, touch, and even sight.
  • A warm blanket awakens the senses of touch and feeling.
  • Comfort food resurrects the senses of smell and taste.
  • Warm gloves or mitts enable the senses of touch and feeling to come to the rescue.
  • Warm socks do the same as gloves and mitts.

Give this a try and let us know what you think. I have used all of these comforting strategies over the years.

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (award-winning sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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