Ask an Author – February 2022 – Keeping the Tummy Toasty

An elaborate breakfast is laid out on a table with a roaring fire in the fireplace behind it.

I have learned the hard way that whenever my tummy needs food, if I am hungry, or if I am yearning for something special; my mind starts to get confused and my imagination begins to go to sleep. It took me a while before I realized that if my tummy starts to call for food, I had better give it what it needs or else things will simply start to get out of control quickly.

This is especially so during winter months and keeping my tummy warm and toasty is a true and tried strategy whenever I need to keep my imagination and creative juices going. Give food to my tummy and all is well. Deprive it of something warm during the winter months and all is not well.

I have grown to realize that warm food during winter months can do marvelous things both for tummy and more. There is something to say for ensuring that warm food is fed to the tummy whenever the call comes.

It could be anything from a nice warm beverage to a nice warm meal. I really urge and encourage you to try this the next time those thirst or hunger pangs come calling. You would be amazed to see how this can perk you up in a hurry and most effectively.

Just think of the sound of a crackling fire and I guarantee that this will be music to your ear!

Barefoot as you walk and I guarantee that this will be a happy sound to your ear!

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