Ask an Author – December 2023 – Great Time for Creating

A cluster of festive red candles all glowing together in the dark, behind which a simple Christmas tree with golden string lights is visible.

Great Time for Creating

Yes indeed and this is the time of the year when I really get creating.

With so many smells and sounds all around me, and combine this with huge salad bowls of flavours and tastes! How can I not get into the creating mode.

You can too by simply using your surroundings to help you out.
Just drink in those aromas and sweet smells wafting boundlessly in the air!
Allow yourself to get into the grooves of holiday sounds and songs!
Give yourself over to the tastes of holiday goodies!
Use your sense of touch to help you wake up your creative juices.
And finally? Allow your eyes to drink in the holiday festivities!

Not too difficult you think?
This is one of my most effective strategies for creating.

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (award-winning sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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