Ask an Author – August 2022 – On a Summer’s Day

A light-filled park path between lush green trees at the height of summer.

It is really not too difficult to imagine how a nice, warm, pleasant summer’s day cannot be used to help do the following: to kick start, recharge, refresh, and encourage one’s creative juices and imagination to spring into action.

How many times have I used this strategy with so much success? All that needs to be used is to take any activity of a summer’s day, focus on it, and then just allow yourself to go from there.

Here are some of my favourite variables; those that have brought me the most success.

The sound of waves crashing and rolling towards the shore.

Blue skies heavily populated with white fluffy clouds of all sizes racing each other across the big blue expanse.

A golden sun sending its rays to bring warmth to us and to shine down on a beach of golden sand.

All kinds of sweet singing and colourful birds flying lazily around or chasing each other.

Fresh cool breezes blowing all around us.

Tall glasses of cool refreshing liquid of a plethora of flavours just waiting to tantalize the taste buds.

If you have not gotten the picture by now then it may be time for you to get out and see for yourself.

Please give this proven strategy a try! Don’t hold back from depriving yourself of certain success.

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