Ask an Author – August 2018 – Make Friends With the Seaside

Make Friends With the Seaside

No, no joke! This friendship could be a real relationship that enables you to kick start sagging imaginations, put new life into flat creative juices, and revitalize sleeping thoughts.

There is nothing better than being able to get things going once again after a stagnant period or a bit of writer’s block. Just think of these sights, sounds and smells!

Blue skies above you with a horizon that is simply inviting and beckoning.
White clouds floating effortlessly by and urging you to get serious with your writing.
Golden sunrises that are so difficult to ignore even though it is so early in the morning.
Pink sunsets that are daring you to sit down and start thinking.
Surf with foam as white as lace asking you to go swimming.

The sound of birds calling to each other and to you!
The gentle roll of breakers comforting you and showing you how to restart your will to write.
Boats blowing their horns in the bay and pushing you into action.

The smell of fresh sea air.
The scent of fresh sea catch cooking on a nearby grill.

I don’t need that I need to go any further.
Just go out there and make friends with the seaside.

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