Ask an Author – April 2024 – Birds Calling to Each Other

A flock of birds are silhouetted against a stunning sunset sky full of pinks and oranges.Birds Calling to Each Other

This is the perfect month to use my suggested strategy and why? Because it is the month when hundreds of thousands of birds make their way back North and as they approach you can hear them calling to each other.

So, how can the migration of birds calling to each other as they approach be used as a strategy to clear the mind and imagination of clutter and cob webs? How can this be used to do such things as to get rid of a writer’s block, recharge the creative juices, to motivate and to rejuvenate?

I can tell you that I have used this strategy for several years now and at this time of the year; it works like a charm. Just listen to the birds calling to each other! Their voices as pure as a breeze in a bottle! The calling and answering of these songsters! It sure helps to awaken and to reopen your commitment to think and to write! Just go out there and either stand in a field or park! Sit on a bench in the park, or wander along the seashore! I guarantee that you will see results, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

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