Who is Santa Clause?

Who is Santa Clause?
By Donna J.=20 Jodhan

He comes primarily at Christmas Time = but did you=20 know that he is always with us?  Many of our youngest ones think = that he=20 lives in the far North but in reality he lives anywhere and=20 everywhere.
In North America and colder countries, = he makes his=20 entry into our homes through our chimneys and the modern day Santa can = also=20 leave his presents outside the doors of our condos and town = houses.  He can=20 travel in so many different ways; on a sleigh, on a motorcycle, on a = truck, by=20 bicycle, by ship or boat, by plane or helicopter, and even on = foot.  It all=20 depends on where he is and what he needs to do in order to get where he = needs to=20 go.
Believe it or not, Santa Clause goes by = so many=20 different names and it can be easily said that he has several different=20 aliases.  In the colder countries he is known as either Santa = Clause or=20 Father Christmas.  In the Eastern countries he is known as St. Nick = and in=20 the warmer tropical countries he is known as Sandy Clause!  Of = course,=20 there are other names for him as well.
To the wide-eyed kid he is the one in a = red suit=20 and wears a white beard and he has a huge laugh of ho, ho, ho!  He = brings=20 toys and goodies down the chimneys of homes and he hands out gifts at = malls and=20 at parties.  He shows up at parades, he hands out toys from open = roofed=20 trucks, and he lugs his goodies on bicycles, motorcycles and on his = back. =20 He even drops off his gifts by ship, boat, helicopter, and = plane.
This is who he is to those little ones = who still=20 believe in Santa.  However, there is more to this fat jolly man = than just=20 the one who does these things.
Whenever we smile at a stranger, nod a = greeting to=20 someone that we do not know, or take the time to give a gift to someone = who is=20 less fortunate than we are, these are all deeds of Santa Clause’s = generosity and=20 in essence we to are Santa Clause in or own way but we do not have to = wait until=20 Christmas to do this. 
The secret of Christmas may be = this!  It’s not=20 the things you do at Christmas time, but the Christmas things you do all = year=20 through!  Taken from a Christmas song.
Merry Christmas from = me!

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