Are we ruining their future?

Greetings!  I’m Christian = Robicheau and a very=20 Happy, Happy New Year to everyone!  I’m back after a wonderful = Christmas=20 holiday and I hope that you had one as well.  It’s back to work for = us all=20 and today I am delighted to present you with an editorial by our = president Donna=20 J. Jodhan and today she expresses concerns about the future of our = kids. =20
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Are we ruining their future?
By = Donna J.=20 Jodhan
This is the question that many parents = are asking=20 themselves these days and this question pertains to all kids = alike.  In the=20 past year, I have had several friends and clients alike discuss this = topic with=20 me and as a keen observer of this landscape with no kids of my own, it = is a=20 question that continues to trouble me. 
When I was growing up, my parents did = their best to=20 strike a working balance for my brothers and me.  They never gave = us too=20 much but just enough to help us stand firmly on our feet.  I have = to say=20 that in my neck of the woods it is what most parents did in those days = and=20 somehow it seemed to work.  Just enough as I say to get us firmly = on our=20 feet.  We were given just enough to allow us to enjoy certain = advantages in=20 life but we were not given too much so as to have made us sluggish and=20 unprepared to face the world with all of its challenges and = pitfalls. =20
That was then and this is now and = whereas the=20 formula seemed to work just fine in those days I am not sure if it would = still=20 work as well today.  It seems to me that the parents of the day = have=20 changed the recipe for the future of their kids in that what we are = seeing is a=20 somewhat unhealthy logic of parents to give to their kids as many = advantages as=20 they could.  In short, to readily yield to the demands of their = kids. =20 To give to them as many privileges, electronic toys, amenities, and = leeway as=20 they possibly can. 
Today, we are witnessing a regular = scene of kids as=20 early as three and four years old walking around with iPads and = iPods. =20 Kids as early as eight and nine years old with their own cell = phones.  Kids=20 driving expensive cars before their 18th birthdays and the list goes = on. =20 Even kids who are well into their twenties and even thirties are still = depending=20 on mom and dad to help them cope and if this is not enough the = grandparent
s=20 are often caught up in the mix. 
True it is that the world has changed = since I was a=20 kid and very much so and true it is that almost any parent would = naturally want=20 the best for their kid and this would include ensuring that they receive = the=20 best that their money can buy.  However, is this really a healthy=20 formula?  How much is this formula going to help or is it poised to = ruin=20 the future of the next generation? 
Are we going to be responsible for = creating a=20 generation of self centered citizens?  A generation who will have=20 difficulty thinking outside of the box and one that may have difficulty = thinking=20 for themselves and more importantly be able to take care of = themselves? =20 All questions that only the future will have answers for.  =
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a = terrific day and=20 weekend.
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