News – September 2023 – Catch Up on “Ask Donna” From “Whose Blind Life Is It Anyway?”

An image of a microphone with the words 'Whose Blind Life Is It Anyway?' above it.This month, Donna’s Whose Blind Life Is It Anyway? show “Ask Donna” featured the following topics:

  • Week 1 – Ask the Blogger:
    • On bullying: When the kid beats their cat or dog with a stick
    • Tips on entrepreneurship: How to choose a good entrepreneurial venture
    • Scams and scammers: You have been chosen
    • Donna’s thought for today: Online banking services
  • Week 2 – Ask the Coach:
    • How to keep Air Buds untangled
    • How to deal with wet floors
    • How to clean wet paint from your clothes
  • Week 3 – Ask the Homemaker:
    • 13 Safety Guidelines When Freezing Food
  • Week 4  – Ask the Reviewer:
    • Donna’s product review is of the Boil Alert Pot Watcher
    • Her book review is of The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins

Donna’s mental stretch feature at the end of each show is a must-listen, and to participate you get to use one of your senses each week to help you do the mental stretch.

You can find Whose Blind Life Is It Anyway? at any of these locations:

You can listen to Donna’s “Ask Donna” shows along with highlights from her The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter by visiting

You can read Donna’s “Ask an Author” tips by visiting

You can check out Donna’s “Ask an Expert” features by visiting

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