News – May 2022 – Recognition

The initials 'D. J.' appear next to a series of colourful cards that say things like, 'You're awesome!' and 'Thank you!'In keeping with her commitment to recognize those who have acknowledged her efforts, award-winning author and sight-loss coach Donna Jodhan recognizes the following persons for the month of May 2022, with special thanks to Aaron Di Blasi and Mind Vault Solutions. She also recognizes Michelle Parker! Donna is also pleased to acknowledge those who have and continue to recognize her as a sight loss coach! These are her All Stars.

If you would like sight-loss coach and author Donna Jodhan to recognize you then you really do not need to do too much. It’s really quite easy! Just retweet her tweets at @author_jodhan and/or like her posts on Facebook at Author Donna Jodhan. It’s all about everyone working together to recognize each other!

To learn more, visit author and sight-loss coach Donna at

  • Victor Gouveia
  • Dustin Lindberg
  • Maria Saieba Kovacs
  • Chantal Oakes
  • John DiMarco
  • AliasJason Everett
  • Raj Tribhuwan
  • Alice Joyce
  • Gabriella Sharrard
  • Kelvin J Adams
  • Mahalla Renee
  • Darryn Spall
  • Mohammed Elhassan
  • Edward Green
  • Tira Miller
  • Dave Thomas
  • Lynne Davis
  • Paula Cottom
  • EliMaria de las Chanclas
  • Darlene Judd
  • Shaveontae Smith
  • Paula Haupt
  • Carolyn Johnson Whisenhunt
  • Theo Harvey Arthur
  • Shauna Roaf
  • Marsha Thomas
  • Aaliyah Nicole
  • Austen Chiwembu
  • Albert A Ruel
  • Great Man
  • Brittany Stovall
  • Sienna Wheelchair
  • Stephen Matthew Lovly
  • Brenda A Jennings
  • Vicki Mains
  • Kerry Kijewski
  • Carey Ruby
  • Kelvin J Adams
  • Jennifer Zadzilka Hoffmaster
  • Jon Goodman
  • Anita OfSightless Living
  • John DiMarco
  • Whitley Point
  • Jeanne Jacobs
  • Tiffany Berry
  • Maurine Park
  • Lee Hardy
  • Elizabeth Lalonde
  • Tricia Farrell
  • Patricia McPherson
  • Connie Pavlicek
  • Sarah Kraemer
  • Tonia Fulford
  • Nikhil Khanna
  • Dusty Ray Potter
  • Sharon Stainer
  • Lucy Murungi
  • Holly Horrocks
  • Dawn Elias
  • Ryan Llewellyn
  • Cheryl Lynn
  • John Halvey
  • Caroline Thomas
  • Michael Caputo
  • Sarah Kraemer
  • Pam Owens
  • Kathy Bykowsky Rawa
  • Elena Laude Aguilar
  • nikolas vasilev
  • Kaare Dehard
  • Oliver Turner
  • Veronica Fenelon
  • Rochelle Ribeiro
  • Dorcas Love
  • Susan B. Pritchett
  • Katie Morelli
  • Kimberly Sue Ruf
  • Thomas Lang
  • Tira Miller
  • Nadia Chess
  • Karen Beaty Clem

To see the entire archive of those who have been recognized over the years, click here!

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