News – May 2022 – Catch Up With “Catching Up With the Coach”

An image of a magnifying glass highlighting the words 'Helpful Tips'. Behind the magnifying glass is a word cloud of related terms in rainbow colours.Donna’s “Catching Up With the Coach” feature continued to attract a lot of feedback and here are just a few tips that she provided:

Best of Helpful Hints: The Kitchen:

  1. Temperature Control Part 2: Keeping the Cold Food Cold: In Ice Chests
    If you’re going camping, solid frozen foods should keep frozen for 2 to 3 days and very cold for at least one more day if they’re packed snugly in the ice chest. They should keep longer if packed with no air spaced between foods.
  2. Temperature Control Part 2: Keeping the Cold Food Cold: In Icy Bowls
    Fill a large bowl with crushed ice and embed a bowl of potato salad or whatever in the ice up to its rim. Add a little kosher or ice cream salt to the ice to make it colder. Or create an ice bowl; put the serving bowl you’ll be using, weighted down, in a bowl filled with water (no water in serving bowl). Freeze. Use the empty center bowl for serving salads or dips.
  3. Cleanups/For the Drops and Disasters, Plus Some of the Ordinary Dreary Messes
    Dirty blender? Fill part way with hot water and a few drops of detergent, cover and turn it on for a few seconds. Rinse and drain dry.

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