News – May 2021 – Invitation – Let’s Talk Apple

A photo of Donna Jodhan, smiling and standing in front of a wall of diplomas and certificates. In her hands is a white plaque signifying her certification as an Apple support professional.

Date: Saturday, May 22nd, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm Eastern
Title: Let’s Talk Apple

World-renowned Apple trainer and consultant John Panarese and Apple Certified support professional Donna Jodhan are pleased to announce the following special event, opened to all interested persons across North America and beyond!

On May 22nd, John and Donna will be hosting a very special and unique event! A Zoom session to give you the chance to share your thoughts and suggestions as to how Apple can further enhance and improve its products to meet the requirements of blind and vision impaired persons and for you to share some of your dreams and visions as to how we can foster more collaboration with Apple.

We are very excited about this event as it is probably one of the first of its kind. We are hoping to attract many participants and because we want to ensure maximum participation, we will limit the number of persons signing up to 50 and should there be a demand from more than this then we would be happy to host more than one Zoom session.


John and Donna will host a 90 minute session consisting of three segments:

Segment one will last for approximately 40 minutes where you will have a chance to share your thoughts and comments with others about the Mac. Tell us what you think could be another revolution or enhancement or challenge that Apple should be aware of.

Segment two will last for approximately 30 minutes where you will have a chance to share your thoughts and comments with others. In this session we will turn your attention to IOS devices and ask for your input in a similar manner to segment one.

Segment three will be one where the floor will be opened to your questions directed to John and Donna. You will have an opportunity to ask any of your favourite questions.

All of your feedback will be shared with Apple and rest assured that identities of respondents will be kept strictly confidential.

To register, please send an email to no later than noon Eastern on Friday, May 21st. Zoom details will be sent to you closer to the date of May 22nd, 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you to our May 22nd, 2021, Zoom session.

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