News – March 2024 – Donna’s Meeting With the GTAA and CATSA on March 4th

A photo of an airplane wing, taken from inside while the plane is in midair. Beyond the wing, sunlight filters through fluffy white clouds.

Donna’s first meeting on March 4th took place when she met with staff from the Greater Toronto Airport Authority’s accessibility department. It was a very refreshing meeting and ideas and information were exchanged. Donna offered her professional services and the GTAA’s team promised to reach out soon.

Donna’s second meeting with the Canadian Air Transportation Security Agency was also quite successful. Donna was escorted by the CATSA team through the various sites of Terminal 3 at Pearson Airport, where Donna had an opportunity to evaluate and provide feedback to the various CATSA processes. The walk through was very thorough and the CATSA team did not hesitate to provide explanations. They were quite receptive to feedback.

CATSA has promised to reach out to Donna for further projects.

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