News – February 2021 – Donna Jodhan Invited to CCB Visionairies Conference

The Canadian Council of the Blind - CCB Visionairies Chapter logo.On February 4th, Donna and her fellow Barrier Free Canada – Canada Sans Barrières (BFC-CSB) board member Lorne Mackenzie were guests at a Zoom conference hosted by Kamini Rodhan of the Visionaries chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind.

Donna and Lorne spoke about the work presently being carried out by BFC-CSB, how BFC-CSB was founded, its mission, and its objectives.

Donna told her audience that BFC-CSB was founded to lobby the Federal Government to pass legislation for an accessible Canada, and in June 2019, the Federal Liberal Government did just that. Donna also spoke to her audience about various ways to engage in advocacy and that a great part of advocacy depended heavily on team work.

Several questions were asked and the session lasted for almost two hours.

Donna thanks Kamini for having given her an opportunity to help raise the profile of BFC-CSB.

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