Will the Internet govern the lives of our seniors?

I have been asked this questions several times over the last year and I am still trying to formulate a response.  There are several sides to this and some may or may not agree with me and that’s okay.

It could be said that the Internet has and continues to play a huge role in the lives of our youngsters and indeed in the lives of many adults.  However, when it comes to our seniors; here is a question that warrants some serious consideration.

It may very well be that at the end of the day our seniors may indeed have no option but to give in to the Internet.  True it is that most seniors did not grow up in the age of the Internet but whereas there are quite a few who have readily embraced it there are many who have not.  Then there are several who continue to waver; to accept or not to accept.

There is no doubt that the Internet is here to stay.  For better or for worse, the Internet has brought revolutionary evolution into our lives but at the same time it has also brought a slate of challenges to us as well.

No one really likes change and especially so when change is looked upon as being drastic and when we are powerless to stop it.  For our seniors, this is indeed the case and the balancing act of benefits versus anxiety is a very delicate one.

So where does this leave us?  Will the Internet govern the lives of our seniors?  Probably so.  There is no getting away from it.  The Internet is here to stay.  We are powerless to stop evolution.

Some seniors may very well decide to try and ignore the Internet and they could probably succeed to some extent but not for too long.  The Internet will eventually win out.

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