Who is the best dance partner?

In life, this is one of the most important questions that anyone would want to ask or should I say; would need to ask.

It does not matter if it is on a personal level or not.  With regard to a marriage, business partnership, and when collaborating in any way, shape, or form.  This is the question of the day.

I’ll focus in on those all important business partnerships; those partnerships of collaboration and cooperation.  Sometimes it is very difficult to be able to choose the right dance partner.  You think that you are all right when you make that all important decision to team up with someone who you feel is like minded and has the same or similar objectives as you do but alas!  After some time or so you discover that you have made a huge faux pas.  So now what?

Are there any fast and proven formulas for choosing the right dance partner?  Are there any formulas when it comes to ensuring that we can avoid the wrong dance partner?  In my humble opinion; no!  We are dealing here with human complexities and human nature.

Human nature and human complexities are two very complex variables that we as a society continue to grapple with and to learn about.  We could never hope to learn everything about it all.  Just look at politics and you’ll see how many times dance partners are acquired, break up, come back together, and then break up again.

Some last for many years, others last for a few years, and then there are the majority who fail to get past the first year.

Just my two cents for today.

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