When the Internet is unavailable

I can bet anything that we would probably hear several varying comments whenever the Internet is down or unavailable.  For me, it can be a mixed bag.

Relief: Because I don’t have to work until it returns but in saying so I need to keep in mind that if I do not work then I do not earn income.

Panic: Because I am cut off from my clients and from the latest news!  I am helpless because I need the Internet in order to feel included within my community and beyond my borders!

For a parent:  It may be another type of reaction.  Maybe relief because they will be able to retrieve their kids from in front of a computer screen or from the clutches of an I device and accordingly they can find ways to capture their attention and even get them to venture outdoors and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature!  Or to socialize with them!

For others:  It could signal feelings of being frantic, being technically deprived, and feeling totally cut off from the rest of the world!  Or for someone who did not grow up in the era of the Internet; it probably means very little!

For the kids and youngsters:  It is probably more of a tragedy than anything else.  They feel cut off from society!  They feel out of sorts!  They cannot function without their precious Internet!

So many different actions whenever the Internet is unavailable.

Just my two cents for today.

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