What would I want most to see again?

I guess that for most of us we never really appreciate what we have until it is suddenly taken away from us.  This is the way that I feel now.

In 2004, I lost my functional vision due to a horrific retinal detachment and I’ll be honest in saying that it took me at least a year to readjust to the world of almost total blindness.  No, I was not angry; just extremely sad and disappointed.

This however has not stopped me from cherishing my memories and the beauty of it all is that I can recall these memories at a moment’s notice.  The interesting thing is that my dreams are all filled with vision but in reality I am almost totally blind.

So to the question of the day:  What would I want to see most again?  Well, here goes.

The faces of my loved ones: mom, brother, and other family members.

My beloved flickering candles in a church and the manger with Baby Jesus in the arms of Mary and Joseph.

The bright blue skies, puffy white clouds, a golden sun, the big bold face of the moon, and silver raindrops running down the panes of windows.

Then fat snowflakes chasing each other to the ground.  Ice skaters skating around on the ice rink.  Christmas lights flickering on Christmas trees and around the ice rink.

My favourite hockey team skating up the ice.  figure skaters doing their flips and jumps.  The cool green grass. Flowers swaying in the breeze.  Tall trees with fresh green foliage and I could go on forever.

Oh yes!  The birds flying close by. Stars twinkling on a dark night.  Santa Clause all decked out in his favourite red suit. And then!  A wonderful world!

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