What is the fear? Time to overcome

I have often asked myself this question and truth be told I am not really sure.  All I have are questions for today.

What is the fear?  Are we afraid of failure?  Are we afraid that if we fail then we would be the laughing stock of others?

Are we afraid of the dark?  That is are we afraid of the dark because we are not sure what to expect or maybe we are afraid of uncertainty?

Are we afraid of the future?  Because of so much uncertainty, so many things to deal with and so many new things all coming at us all at once?

Are we afraid of diversity?  That is we are not sure how to deal with people who are from different cultures, different religions, different ethnicities, different races, different countries?

Are we afraid of criticism, complaints, politicians, or what?

Are we afraid of being abused and accused?

So many questions to answer and so many answers to give.

Just my two cents for today.

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