What does normal mean?

I have always wanted to try and answer this question honestly and openly but for some odd reason I seem to continually avoid it.

The other day my friend Imran told me that he had asked his four year old son what he wanted to be when he grew up and the little one told him that all he wanted to be was to be normal.

This very meaningful chat took place between father and son as they were driving along in the car and Imran was answering his son’s questions.  His son, Zane, was asking him to tell him about things that he saw as he looked out of the window of their car; what were those wires far above them?

This was one of the many questions that little Zane asked Imran as they drove along and after Imran had come and gone, it got me thinking.  What does normal really mean?  So many responses could be coined but I’ll take a crack at this and hopefully our readers can help me out here.

Could normal mean being able to enjoy life without having to bother about such things as wars around me?  To not to have to bother about such things as having enough food to eat every day?  To be able to have enough running water, electricity, and o yes the Internet all be a part of my daily life with minimal interruptions?

Could normal be applied to those poor kids with their large sad eyes and frightened expressions who could only dream that the guns would be silenced forever in their native lands giving them a chance to at least enjoy some sort of childhood before it is unceremoniously taken away from them?

Could normal mean that persons with disabilities would have a chance to enjoy equal access to services, information, products, and much more without having to keep on fighting for equal access?  Or that kids with disabilities could hope and dream that their future would be better than that of their forefathers?

Or could normal simply mean that mankind could one day wake up in a world where men are free?  where there is no more pain, no more war and hatred, no more poverty, no more disease, and no more unpleasantness?  I do not have the answer but like so many of us; I can only hope!

Just my two cents for today.

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