What colour is your next government going to be?

For lack of a more suitable title, this is my question for today and by this I am asking this question.

Would it make a difference to Canadians with disabilities as to which Federal party forms the next Government?

I have some specific thoughts but for today I am going to ask the questions and hopefully someone out there will take a few minutes to ponder and respond.

In 2019, the Accessible Canada Act came in to legislation but for the past two years Canadians with disabilities have been anxiously awaiting certain promised appointments.  These being the appointments of an accessibility commissioner who will be supposedly housed at the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the appointment of a Chief Officer who will supposedly be working in the office of the Minister responsible for disability issues.

A call for nominations for these two high profile positions was made at the end of May and nominations closed at the end of June but when the call was made for the present election all work on finding the most suitable person/persons for these two positions came to a temporary halt.

This probably means that the final decision for these two positions will probably not be made until some time after this election.  However, there is more to consider.  So, let’s just consult our crystal ball to see what might or could just happen.

If the Liberals are re-elected, will they carry through with their commitment to make these two positions a reality or would they come up with some interesting excuse to keep dragging out their decision?

If the Progressive Conservatives are elected, what would they do?  Would they continue with the previous Government’s  commitment or will they scrap the commitment all together?

If per chance the NDP forms the next Government, what will they do?

So far, we have not heard any of the contending parties make any sort of announcements on matters pertaining to the concerns of Canadians with disabilities and I suspect that they may not be making any such types of announcements or promises.  For too long party platforms have failed to include or accommodate the direct addressing of issues on disabilities and I for one do not expect this to change.

So it is up to us as a community to start being more active and less passive.  We need to take better ownership of our future for if we do not then we should not expect anyone else to do it for us and why should they?  This is our future and we must take ownership and responsibility for it!  It is time for us to take a more active role in helping to determine the colour of our next Government.

If indeed we are lucky to see these two appointments become a reality, then we need to ensure that these two appointees are going to represent our interests and not just be figure heads appointed through either pre promise or pre determination.

Just my two cents for today.

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