Think before you tweet

There used to be an old saying that said “look before you leap” and now I’d like to add this one: “think before you tweet.”

So many of us are guilty of being trigger happy on Twitter.  We go out there and we tweet thinking that our tweets are cute and hard hitting but in reality they are not.  So often they are hurtful and insulting.  They are rude and disrespectful.  They are harmful and thoughtless.

Thanks to social media we now have another outlet to vent but whereas there is goodness in this there is also another side to this coin.  This being that more people are using social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, and other outlets to create cyber bullying.

Each time we post to any of these channels our words are out there for others to see.  Each time we share our thoughts in written format there are others out there who will see them, read them, and very often act upon them.

Our leaders should be more careful when they post to Twitter and elsewhere.  Those in authority should be the same and everyone for that matter should take more responsibility for what they say when posting to Twitter and other social media channels.

Believe it or not, social media has become a very influential and powerful spokes person for those who use it.  I don’t think that we truly realize the power of social media.  Both offensive and encouraging tweets help to shape our society.  IE, our thoughts, our deeds, and our actions.

It is time for our leaders and others in authority and those in influential positions to realize this and before they tweet, they should think.  They need to take hold of their trigger happy tempers and make sure that their tweets are constructive, meaningful, and thoughtful.

Just my two cents for today.

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