The runaway airport authority

I am not sure how else to describe this particular airport authority.  Suffice it to say this one is one that does not adhere to any rules.  It treats its passengers with disabilities as luggage and has a wanton disregard for humanity.

The airport authority in question is none else than the Greater Toronto Airport Authority and here is why I truly believe that this entity is nothing short of being a big bad bully that chooses to use its deep financial pockets to get its own way.

Firstly, the GTAA as they are also known as believes that no one has the jurisdiction to stop them from mistreating passengers with disabilities.  In 2015, they filed court papers against the Canadian Transportation Agency along with the complainant after the CTA handed down an interim decision ruling that the GTAA was responsible for inadequate services to passengers with disabilities at their airport.  This complaint focused on the GTAA’s failure to offer proper meet and assist services to a visually impaired passenger.

Secondly, the GTAA continues to ignore the meet and assist requests from blind and visually impaired passengers deliberately choosing to ignore them and instead practically forcing these passengers to accept wheelchair services.

Thirdly, the GTAA continues to duck its responsibilities for woefully inadequate services being offered at their airport choosing instead to place the blame on their contractors and licensees.

Fourthly, they continue to allow their contractors to hire staff that is not trained with regard as to how to communicate and interact with passengers with disabilities.

Fifthly, Pearson International Airport falls well below the standards of accessibility; screens are difficult to read for those with hearing and visual impairments.  There is no close captioning nor is there any video description.

Sixthly, it is almost impossible for visually impaired passengers to find restaurants, washrooms, stores, and other facilities on their own.

Seventhly, kiosks at Pearson International Airport are totally inaccessible to visually impaired passengers.

What concerns me the most is the arrogant and condescending attitude that this entity continues to display.  It chooses to continue to bully any and everyone who dares to stand up to them.  It is being allowed to treat passengers with disabilities as nothing less than luggage rather than as Human Beings.

How can they be stopped?  I can only appeal to the Canadian Government to do something before a disaster occurs and before Canada has to deal with an embarrassment.

Just my two cents for today.

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